Stay Connected

Are you moving, have you moved, or has your e-mail address changed?
Help us keep your contact information current by sending an e-mail to and let us know your new e-mail address, phone number and mailing address.  Having all three ways to contact you increases our chances of staying connected.  It takes a lot of effort to find classmates once all contact avenues become invalid, and sometimes we lose track of classmates completely.  We abhor having to add anyone to our Missing Classmates list.

Connect with your former '65 classmates through e-mail
We have a policy to keep all contact information private, but we will help you find your former classmates from
the Class of '65 as best we can.  Send an e-mail to and tell us the classmates
with whom you'd like to contact, then we'll work with you to make that connection if possible.

Connect with your former '65 classmates through Facebook 
We've set up a Facebook group for members of the Class of 1965.  If you have a Facebook account go to:
San Carlos High, Class of 1965
If you don't have an account, give it a try by creating one on Facebook at,
then once you're set up, go to the link above and send a request to join our group. It's easy, fun, and free
Classmate members of our Facebook group can easily post pictures and memories, can communicate directly with
other classmates members, and can search for old friends through the Facebook network.
Please stay in touch!
Send us your thoughts, pictures, and memories you'd like to share with other classmates. 
We want to hear from you!
E-Mail to our general Class of '65 address: