Elementary Days K-4

Here are class pictures of elementary schools that our Class of 1965 classmates attended before coming to San Carlos High.  We need help finding more class pictures and in identifying those students who's name we can't remember.  If you recognize a classmate currently labeled "unknown" or find an error, please send an e-mail to schigh1965@gmail.com and we'll make the update.
An album of all pictures on this page can be viewed at: 

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   Brittan Acres - Mrs Dortanay

    White Oaks - Mrs Kelly

    White Oaks - Ms Orser

1st Grade
     McKinley - teacher unknown

      Monroe - teacher unknown

       White Oaks - Miss Sloan

     White Oaks - Mrs Shoemaker

2nd Grade
     Arundel - Mrs Clay

     Brittan Acrea - Mrs Brimhall

     McKinley - teacher unknown

     White Oaks - Ms Rosell (photo 1)

     White Oaks - Ms Rosell (photo 2)

     White Oaks - Miss Swift

3rd Grade
     Brittan Acres - Ms Buxton

     Monroe - Mrs Freeze

     McKinley - teacher unknown

     White Oaks - Ms Lynch

     White Oaks - Miss Monahan
4th Grade
     Brittan Acres - Miss Jackson
     Clifford - teacher unknown

     Edison - teacher unknown

     White Oaks - Mr Kelly

     White Oaks - Mr Vencill

     White Oaks - Mrs Honsberger