Don Carlos

We are fortunate to have 30 issues of the Don Carlos from our high school days thanks to excellent preservation by Kim (Martin) Walker's family, two issues from Rodger Peace and one from Tucker and Beatrice (Neff) Trautman.
Below are some issues picked at random which cover 1961-1965.  Each issue is normally 4 pages, but since we can only scan half a page at a time, there will be 8 pages per issue displayed.   We hope this "old news" brings back some memories.  Over time we will rotate all the issues we have through this page.
We previously have posted all the issues we've found, and are now recycling through them.  All issues can be viewed via the links at the bottom of this page.  
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March 29, 1963 Issue

May 24, 1963 Issue

November 8, 1963 Issue

Issues of Don Carlos previously displayed on our website are available for viewing in our albums 

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         Our Junior Year
         Our Senior Year