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Don Carlos Newspaper

We are fortunate to have 51 issues of the Don Carlos from our high school days thanks to the contribution of 30 issues by Kim (Martin) Walker, 18 issues by Sue (Trapani) Bisceglia, 2 issues by Rodger Peace and 1 by Tucker and Beatrice (Neff) Trautman.  These 51 issues represent roughly 1/3 of all the newspapers published during our four years at San Carlos High.  Displayed below is the last paper from our Senior Year. 


Each issue is normally 4 pages, but since we can only scan half a page at a time, there will be 8 pages per issue displayed. It is recommended that you open the links below in a new window (hover over the link, right click then select "open link in new window")


             We hope this "old news" brings back some fond memories.  

       Link for Senior Year:

       Link for Junior Year:      

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