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Classmate Memories

Did you walk to school by hiking the hill on Melendy Dr?  Experience that joy again by watching the video below.

Once you reach the top of Melendy, see what's left of our school site.

A Wild Bunch

"I found this picture of a trip to Tijuana in the Spring of 1966. That is Rick sitting in the corner ,then Mike Korkorian, Me, Joe Faubion and Joe Agius. I just remember being freaked out that we we could possibly get mugged. We did manage to lose some money bribing a corrupt cop and not going to jail. A long funny story involving some quick thinking on Mike Barty's part! If I remember right Paul Judge and John Greco, among others were there. This all happened before we all went into the service! With Ricks' passing I just thought it would be neat to see us in a time when we were young and in our glory,ready to take on the world but mostly just having fun! Rick had visited Mike Barty and myself ,up here in Oregon, sometime in early 2003 or 2004. I was sorry to hear of his passing." ~ Steven Sanders

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